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Asylum Seeker Mental Health Connect

Asylum Seeker Mental Health Connect supports people seeking asylum requiring mental health and well-being focused support. This includes:

Psychosocial needs assessment

Four to six sessions to help manage trauma related symptoms and emotional distress, build coping and problem-solving skills and develop connections to social supports and other services. Those requiring further specialist trauma-related support will be referred to other QPASTT programs.

Referral for those with complex mental health needs including addiction, substance abuse or sub- acute care needs who require more intensive support, to World Wellness Group for more intensive support and case management by specialist nurses.

For people requiring immediate practical support, such as emergency relief, housing and employment, it is advised that direct referral is made to the relevant service.

Refer yourself or someone else

Asylum Seeker Mental Health Connect is a joint response by QPASTT and World Wellness Group to the complex mental health needs of people seeking asylum. The program offers a dedicated team of cross cultural and trauma specialist mental health practitioners working together to provide a timely response to people seeking asylum with complex mental health needs, including sub-acute care needs and addiction and substance abuse issues. Funded by the Queensland Department of Health, the team delivers services in outreach locations and via telehealth to provide state-wide access.

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