QPASTT staff have a range of professional backgrounds including psychology, social work, community development, teaching and education, management and administration.

In recognition of the demanding nature of work with survivors of torture and trauma, QPASTT is committed to providing its staff with the best possible range of support including supervision, debriefing, regular training and professional development opportunities.

QPASTT currently employs staff in full and part time roles and our Code of Conduct outlines our expectations of staff.

To learn more about what it means to current and past employees of QPASTT to work here, read this interview which captures what is often hard to put into words about our work with people of refugee backgrounds.

Current Vacancies

Counsellor Advocate – Toowoomba 

We are looking for a Counsellor Advocate who is passionate about recovery from trauma for people from a refugee background. We value the ability to engage clients in healing across mind, body and spirit. You will be compassionate, patient and courageous in managing a range of vulnerabilities experienced by our clients and their families. We believe in cultural respect. We are looking for a Counsellor Advocate who is comfortable working with clients from many cultural and religious backgrounds. For more information and application process, please view the position description below.

Position Description