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Today is Harmony Day.  We’re sharing Hanaa’s story of how she found connection and belonging at QPASTT’s Women’s Skillshare Group.

“I come from Syria. When the war started in 2013 we went to Lebanon and we stayed there for about four years.

We had a very difficult time in Syria and Lebanon. There was no hope at all and we had no money to leave.

In Lebanon there was a lot of discrimination and no chance or opportunities to work or study. Then we heard Australia was opening up immigration for people from Syria. We applied and we were able to come here.

I have three daughters and one son. Two of my daughters are married and we are all now here in Australia. We felt very happy the moment that we knew we could travel to Australia, but at the same time we had a lot of sadness in us because we were leaving everything behind – our homeland. But we were happy that we were going to a place that was going to be safe for us to live. Australia is our second mother. We lost everything and couldn’t go back to Syria, but Australia has offered us help and opportunities.

My GP and my QPASTT counsellor encouraged me and my daughters to join this Women’s Group. The moment that I joined this group, I felt all the positive energy and welcome, seeing all the smiling faces. Everyone was very welcoming. I felt really, really happy. They said I could do anything I want here – sharing my skills, doing crafts and other activities.

I really felt like I belonged in a way I hadn’t felt at any other group.”

I would like to bring my culture to the Australian community and introduce all the good quality food and good quality social life that we have from our culture so we can share that with Australia.”


If you would like to join a QPASTT group, complete our referral form and one of our team will be in touch.  You can refer yourself or someone else (with their consent).  

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