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QPASTT acknowledges the violence, loss of life and suffering that has occurred in Israel and Palestine over the past fortnight and which continues to escalate.

We are aware that this complex situation has widespread impacts beyond the region, and we also acknowledge the ongoing conflicts, unrest and humanitarian crises that continue in other parts of the world.  We recognise the profound human suffering occurring in affected regions and the deep distress for communities here in Australia.  

QPASTT will continue in our support to communities affected by these acutely traumatic situations.  We are also working with other members of our national network, the Forum of Australian Services for Survivors of Torture and Trauma (FASSTT), on how we can support individuals, families and communities affected by these events, as well as government and service providers.

We are very concerned about the increase in religious and ethnicity-based hate speech, including anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, and are united in opposition to this in all its forms.

There is distressing and often graphic reporting and imagery across traditional and social media at this time, and we urge people to consume media with care, mindful that this content can be triggering or traumatising for people affected and for those with experiences of trauma.  We encourage parents and caregivers to be aware of what media and imagery children may be exposed to.

How to get support

QPASTT is available to support people with a refugee or refugee-like experience.  If you or someone you know is experiencing distress related to these events and you would like to speak to someone, call our Support Line on 07 3391 6677.

QPASTT has a factsheet (in English) with information about how to respond to people in distress.  Read it here

Information about supporting children during times of war is also available from UNICEF and the Australian Psychological Society.

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