Workshop: Community Development with Communities from Refugee Backgrounds



Thursday 12th November 2020
9:30am to 4:30pm


Brisbane Multicultural Centre 28 Dibley St, Woolloongabba. Room 5 & 6.

Full Day Workshop Cost:

  • $150 (plus online booking fees) for students, volunteers, unwaged and QPASTT members.
  • $200 (plus online booking fees) for all other registrations.

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  • $170 (plus online booking fees) for students, volunteers, unwaged and QPASTT members.
  • $220 (plus online booking fees) for all other registrations.

Costs include morning tea, light lunch, afternoon tea and hand outs.

IMPORTANT: It is a prerequisite that all participants attending our PD Training Calendar Workshops have completed the Online Introduction to the Refugee and Settlement Experience’ – Please select the ‘Package’ option below (under the ‘single or package‘ menu). The ‘Online training’ will be included free with two or more workshops added to the cart.

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QPASTT understands that recovery occurs in the individual, family and community space. Therefore, meaningful connections with local communities is necessary for sustainable wellbeing outcomes, as well as to inform QPASTT on the way that we deliver our services. Recovery is best achieved when trauma effected communities are able to exercise a high degree of self-determination, as most communities have an inherent capacity to heal and it is this capacity we seek to support and adapt our services around as we work alongside them.

Many of QPASTT programs are community based with a strong emphasis of building on the existing resources and capabilities within those local communities to assist them to achieve the goals they identify to us through consultation and collaboration. We do this in a number of diverse ways, including providing information, education, advocacy support, partnership in projects, joint participation in events and celebrations, as well as targeted initiatives.

This training is aimed at building knowledge, skills and confidence in community development work with communities from refugee backgrounds. This will be done by exploring core competencies of working with communities and unpacking Community Development and Capacity Building models, stages of community development and how this integrates with our trauma informed recovery framework. The workshop will be experiential and include case study reviews and examples for discussion. Some pre-workshop reading may be required.

This workshop is designed for people doing community development work with communities from refugee backgrounds. Those who are working with individual members of communities from refugee backgrounds may benefit more from one of our other QPASTT trainings such as “Working with Families from Refugee Backgrounds”.

Workshop facilitators:

Naomi Brown  Naomi  is currently the  coordinator of the Community Development and Capacity Building Team at QPASTT. Naomi is a social worker with more than 15 years’ experience and has worked across the community in a broad cross section of sectors including youth, disability, community development, employment and settlement. The last 6 years has been focused specifically within the refugee and asylum seekers sector.  She has both direct social work and team management experience  as well as training and group facilitation . She is passionate about social justice, cultural competent service provision and children &  youth development.

Dan  Nguyen— Dan is a Capacity Building Officer and Group Facilitator with QPASTT . Dan came to Australia in 1979 from Vietnam after having spent some months in a Malaysian refugee camp. Dan holds a Bachelor of Psychology degree with honours .


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Contact the Training Coordinators at 073391 6677 or if you have questions or require assistance with workshop registrations.


Street parking in Woolloongabba is 2 hour restricted. We are located near Park Road train station. We encourage you to come by public transportation given that there is not much parking available. Please DO NOT park at the Queensland Health/ Qld Transport premises on Burke St. Their parking fine is $261


All workshops are at QPASTT, located at the Brisbane Multicultural Centre at 28 Dibley St, Woolloongabba in rooms 5 and 6.

Terms and Conditions:

Pre-requisite for all Workshops:

It is a prerequisite that all participants attending our PD Training Calendar Workshops have completed the Online Introduction to the Refugee and Settlement Experience – The Impact of Trauma workshop. The content of QPASTT workshops are based on the experiences of people from refugee backgrounds and the impacts of torture and trauma, therefore it is essential that all participants have a basic understanding prior to attending other QPASTT workshops. QPASTT will have an ongoing register of who has completed the introductory online training.

If you have extensive knowledge and experience working in this field, please contact the Training Coordinators at

Required Documentation for Payment:

For those seeking to register and pay as a student, volunteer, unwaged or a QPASTT member, QPASTT does require some evidence prior to the registration. QPASTT require a photocopy or pdf of a valid full-time student card or a letter from the manager of the organisation at which you are volunteering. Please email the Training Coordinators with your documentation at


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