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This Queensland Mental Health Week, we are sharing stories from our staff about how they tend to their own wellbeing and what assistance QPASTT can offer for people who might need some support.

Paul O’Hanlon-Rose is a Counsellor in our Child and Youth Counselling team, supporting young people’s mental health and wellbeing.

I try to check in on myself throughout the day to understand how I’m feeling – whether I’m tired and needing rest, whether I’m feeling positive or having negative thoughts about anything going on in my life. I try to do things that support me to show up in the world how I want to. Sometimes that can be through exercise, listening to or playing music, doing a grounding or centering exercise, or just taking a step back to think and reflect.
Seeking connection is a big part of being human, and we can find that through relationships with family, friends, peers or colleagues. As a Counsellor, my work is centred around deep connections with people, so I also value solitude and quiet times to rest and recharge.
There are many things in young people’s lives that they might not have control over, and they can juggle different expectations from family, friends and school. At QPASTT, we try to support young people with what they choose to focus on. We can help advocate for them and grow their skills and confidence to advocate for themselves. We can also support young people to process their experiences, particularly if they have experienced trauma, and learn how to deal with difficult emotions or stress.
One of the most significant issues for young people is their sense of identity in the world. A feeling of acceptance and belonging with friends and peers can be so crucial to wellbeing. Figuring out your identity – how to be authentic in the world and forge genuine connections with others isn’t always easy – even for adults! It requires ongoing reflection.”

QPASTT supports people of all ages who have had a refugee experience. We offer counselling, group work, community programs, and youth and family support.

If you’d like to chat with someone from QPASTT about how we can help, call us on 07 3391 6677 or make a referral.

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