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This Queensland Mental Health Week, we are sharing stories from our staff about how they tend to their own wellbeing and what assistance QPASTT can offer for people who might need some support.

Ronald Sanchez is a Counsellor/Advocate in our Intake and Connect Team.



Personally, I believe spirituality plays a big role in mental health, whether that’s through religious or cultural practices, mindfulness, meditation, or connection to nature. Connecting to your values can also give you a sense of purpose and direction, even if you’re experiencing difficult emotions or going through a challenging time.

We have to develop mental health skills intentionally.  If we want to build muscle and be physically healthy, we exercise.  Our mental health is the same – we have to develop our skills through practice.

I make sure I spend time each day exercising, even just going for a walk and spending time outdoors. I didn’t used to prioritise that in the past, but I started making it part of my routine and have noticed how it improves the way I feel. It’s never too late to start creating good habits to support your wellbeing.

At QPASTT, we’re here to listen. We can offer a fresh perspective. I think our job is to help people develop the skills to become their own best counsellor, so when they might experience challenges in the future, they have the skills and knowledge to support their mental health.”


QPASTT supports people of all ages who have had a refugee experience. We offer counselling, group work, community programs, and youth and family support.

If you’d like to chat with someone from QPASTT about how we can help, call us on 07 3391 6677 or make a referral.

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