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This Queensland Mental Health Week, we are sharing stories from our staff about how they tend to their own well-being and what assistance QPASTT can offer for people who might need some support.

Viktoriia Fomina is a Counsellor Advocate at QPASTT.



As someone working as a counsellor and in the social services industry generally, looking after our mental health is really important. Our professional and ethical responsibility is to look after our mental health and be in a good mental health space for our clients. One of the ways I do that is through a daily routine, which includes things like working out and preparing a good lunch.  These have become non-negotiable activities to sustain me.
Creating things to look forward to is another to improve your mental well-being, whether it is short-term, like catching up with friends on the weekend, or something bigger, like a holiday away – anything to give you energy.
Our clients come from many different liguistic and cultural backgrounds and can experience disconnection, however finding people with shared experiences and challenges can help to to support healing and create hope.
I think QPASTT is quite a unique organisation with the double role of counselling and advocacy. It allows us to approach clients with a better understanding of their needs. Our community teams are really important for creating connections and helping to destigmatise mental health conversations across Queensland communities.”

QPASTT supports people of all ages who have had a refugee experience. We offer counselling, group work, community programs, and youth and family support.

If you’d like to chat with someone from QPASTT about how we can help, call us on 07 3391 6677 or make a referral.

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