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Research Application

Your application will be reviewed by members of the QPASTT Senior Leadership and if agreed to have merit will be assessed by members of the QPASTT Board of Directors.

This process takes some time and we appreciate it if researchers are open to modification of their project to accommodate our needs.

Research Application Form

Applicant Details

Section One: Details of Investigator(s)

If student project – indicate what degree/program this project is for (eg Honours, Grad Dip, Masters, PhD)

Section Two: Project Details

(Why is this research project significant and why is the research project worth doing?)
(summary of the research design, the sample – who will be sampled and how the sample will be selected – outline of the specific method of data collection and methods of data analysis. If using questionnaire, scale or interview schedule please attach these to your application)
Completion of Data Collection
Completion of Data Analysis
Completion of Whole Project
(List where you anticipate you will publish the results of your research project)
(List where you have received funding for this project)
(Briefly outline resource requirements, including staff time, use of space and any other resources that QPASTT would be expected to contribute)

Section Three: Participant Details

Does the project involve direct contact with participants?
(If No, please move onto Section Four)
Are the Participants:
Will The Data Be Kept For Possible Future Use In Another Project?

Section Four: Potential Risks

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