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Student Placements

QPASTT recognises the importance of student placements in providing an opportunity for students to integrate theory and practice, establish a work history and create networking contacts.

Student Placements at QPASTT can assist with group work, project work, client activities and research. QPASTT cannot offer placements for counselling students requiring face-to-face counselling experience.

QPASTT can offer placement opportunities in the following disciplines:

Social Work – Bachelor level and above

Occupational Therapy – Bachelor level and above

Public Health – Bachelor level and above

Art Therapy – Bachelor level and above

We cannot consider applications from students enrolled in Certificate level or Diploma level courses.

How to apply for a QPASTT Student Placement

All applications need to be made through your study institution who should send QPASTT a placement request on your behalf.

All Student Placement Applications needs to include the following:

Clearly state the course you are currently enrolled in and the semester in which you require the placement.

Include information about your course requirements around student placement – for example, number of hours, length of placement.

Include your resume.

Write a brief response (not more than one page in total) to the following questions:

Why are you interested in doing your placement with QPASTT?

What do you believe you are able to bring to a placement that would make you a suitable candidate?

What do you hope to get out of a placement at QPASTT? What are your expectations and goals?

Applications should be received at least 2-months before the Semester commences.

Email Student Placement Applications
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