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Third Queer Culture

Creating a culture to be ourselves

Third Queer Culture is a peer social group for LGBTIQ+ people from diverse backgrounds who have an experience of seeking safety in Australia.

As well as providing a community where people can find friendship and belonging, Third Queer Culture engages in creative advocacy to encourage expression of a third culture that embraces ‘queerness’ and cultural pride.

All group members are treated with respect and privacy.

Join Third Queer Culture to connect with other refugees and people seeking asylum who share your gender or sexual identity. Reach out for more information and to join the group at
Download the Third Queer Culture Flyer

Hear from Tiko and Elfaz, Third Queer Culture’s Peer Leaders

Hear from Third Queer Culture members

TQC members speak on a panel following our screening of the documentary FLEE on 26 October 2023

Watch the highlights from Third Queer Culture’s screening of FLEE

Third Queer Culture is supported by:

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