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March 2, 2023From $150.00 inc. GST

Supporting Trauma Recovery with Children from Refugee Backgrounds

This one day workshop will explore the impact of trauma on children. We will be looking into key concepts such as the impact of trauma on attachment and development, as well as some implications of intergenerational trauma and the importance of systemic thinking. These will be discussed within a trauma recovery and attachment framework to aid children in the healing process.
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May 11, 2023From $80.00 inc. GST

Working with Young People from Refugee and Asylum Seeker Backgrounds & Managing Challenging & Risky Behaviours

This workshop will happen in two parts. Participants may register either for Part I only or for both Part I & Part II Part I The morning (9:30am - 12:30pm) will be spent helping participants gain a greater understanding of what it means working with young people from a refugee background.  Throughout the morning we will focus on the recognition of trauma and its impact. We will also touch on what it means to arrive in Australia as a young person. Participants will be able to identify physiological and somatic symptoms; the effects on emotions and cognition; and the psychological...
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June 15, 2023From $150.00 inc. GST

Working with Families from Refugee Backgrounds

This one day workshop has been developed to give participants a greater understanding of the impact of trauma and resettlement on family roles and relationships. The frameworks that guide family counselling and support will be explored in particular trauma recovery models, family therapy and culturally appropriate practice.
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August 3, 2023From $150.00 inc. GST

Workshop: Working Cross-Culturally in the Trauma and Settlement Context

This one day workshop has been developed to give participants an understanding of the key theoretical frameworks and to explore our own sociocultural context and its impacts on our work with people from diverse contexts. We will explore concept like cultural humility, mindful awareness of our responses to differences,  the refugee and settlement  context, and how these can be applied to individuals who have experienced trauma ,and communities in the process of resettlement. This is an interactive and experiential workshop that may include, peer reflections, discussions and the sharing work and life experiences.  This workshop is relevant for people working...
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November 2, 2023From $80.00 inc. GST

Vicarious Trauma, Burn Out and Self-Care

This half day professional development opportunity will provide an understanding of the concepts of Vicarious Trauma (VT), Compassion Fatigue and Burnout. Participants will learn to identify risk factors and the warning signs in themselves and colleagues; why and how work in the area of trauma can cause these responses; ways to prevent and address Vicarious Trauma and Burnout and how to create Vicarious Growth. 
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