QPASTT training sessions have been developed to support services and people interested in working with people from refugee backgrounds. Our training is designed to enable those services to gain a better understanding of the experiences that this client group goes through prior to their arrival in Australia, and the impact of torture, trauma and settlement on their lives.

QPASTT Training Information Brochure

At QPASTT, we offer training about various topics related to working with refugee survivors of torture and trauma, through our set Professional Development (PD) workshops and also by specific request.

  • Our Professional Development Calendar offers a variety of workshops throughout the year and is open to the public to register. You can register online or download a Registration form to enrol in one of our upcoming workshops. There is usually a fee for these workshops.
  • Our PD by Request is offered to organisations or groups on a needs basis by filling out a PD Request Form. Our facilitators are professionals in the field with current and relevant experience. Professional development fees are calculated at $300 per hour and may be delivered onsite at QPASTT, Woolloongabba, depending on availability, or offsite.
  • Our Guest Speaker Program offers information sessions, conference presentations and lectures are delivered free of charge at QPASTT, depending on availability.

For more information contact the Training Coordinator, Taryn McBurney on (07) 3120 1529 or

Who is our training for?

Our training is relevant for people who occasionally work with people from refugee backgrounds as well as those working with people who arrive as asylum seekers or identify as being of refugee background on an everyday basis. If you are unable to find training on aspects of the refugee experience that meets your organisations needs on the Professional Development Workshop Program it may be more beneficial to make a specific to request to QPASTT so that information can be tailored to your needs.

Who delivers the training?

Who delivers the training? Our facilitators are professionals in the field with current and relevant experience. Most have qualifications in psychology, social work or community development.

How can I request Professional Development Training or a Guest Speaker?

If you require a session for your organisation, tailored to your needs, please fill in the PD Request form.

If you are a school, please refer to the Professional Development for Schools Request Form.

If you would like to request an information session or Guest Speaker for a forum, conference or short session, please fill in the Guest Speaker Request form.

What other places can I receive training about working with people from CALD backgrounds?

The Queensland Transcultural Centre for Mental Health (QTCMH) offer education programs that focus on practical workforce development strategies that enhance clinical outcomes with an emphasis on the development of respectful curiosity with regard to culture, language, spirituality and other contextual issues that are paramount in effective clinical service.