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QPASTT training sessions have been developed to support services working with people from refugee backgrounds. Our training is designed to enable those services to gain a better understanding of the experiences that this client group goes through prior to their arrival in Australia, and the impact of torture, trauma and settlement on their lives.

We can tailor the professional development to your needs, but we can include information in the following areas:

  • Information about QPASTT.
  • Introduction to the Refugee and Settlement Experience – the Impact of Trauma.
  • Working with Families from Refugee Backgrounds.
  • Incidental Counselling with People from Refugee Backgrounds.
  • Vicarious Trauma, Burnout & Self-Care.
  • Supporting Trauma Recovery with Children from Refugee Backgrounds.

Costs and Availability
QPASTT is a community based state-wide organisation specialising in the support of people from refugee backgrounds who have survived torture and trauma. Our facilitators are professionals in the field with current and relevant experience. Training fees are calculated at $300 per hour. Training may be delivered onsite at QPASTT, Woolloongabba, depending on availability, or offsite. Offsite training delivery may incur an additional fee.

In certain limited circumstances, where it is consistent with QPASTT funding guidelines and priority areas, training may be delivered free of charge. If you believe your organisation may be entitled to have the training fees waived, please contact the Training Coordinator who will consider your request in accordance with QPASTT policy. An additional fee for catering and incidental costs will still apply.

All training requests will be considered and a response will be provided as soon as possible.
Training Request Forms must be received by QPASTT at least 3 months in advance of the requested training date. Requests with a shorter lead time must first be discussed with the Training Coordinator prior to submitting a request.

All organisations requesting guest speakers from QPASTT should complete the form below. Alternatively you may download this form as a PDF and submit it to Jessica Edwards and Taryn McBurney,  the Training Coordinators at or Fax to (07) 3391 6388.


Download PDF form


Professional Development Request Form

    Have you had any training from QPASTT in the past 12 months?

    If yes, specify the topic please:

    About your organisation

    The percentage of your clients from a refugee or asylum seeker background:

    The estimated percentage of your clients who are newly arrived refugees – ie. those who have been in Australia less than 12 months:

    The nature of your work with clients:

    The Catchment Area of your organization (eg. specific region, state-wide):

    Proposed training content and format

    What topics would you like to be addressed in this training?

    Number of sessions requested & length of each session:

    What is the reason for this training request? What has led to the need for training?

    How many people will be attending the training?

    What is their profile? (eg. Case manager, volunteer)

    What do you want the participants to get out of the training?

    Your answers to the questions in the following section will assist us in planning your session.
    Please rate on a scale of 1-5 (where 1= limited knowledge, 5=expert knowledge, or N/A for areas that are not applicable) the participants’ knowledge in the following areas:

    Australia’s Humanitarian Program

    Psychosocial effects of traumatic experiences

    Working with children and families

    Services for refugees & asylum seekers

    Principles of working with traumatised clients

    Incidental counselling skills

    Recovery goals

    Impact of trauma on learning and wellbeing

    Understanding the refugee experience

    Working with adults

    Working with young people

    Identifying survivors of torture and trauma

    Cross-cultural skills & considerations

    Boundaries & emotional responses of workers

    Clinical focus (comprehensive assessment and interventions)

    Date and Venue

    Requested date and time of session:

    Proposed venue:

    Is there flexibility around this date and time?