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We know that Australians want to help create communities where everyone can find healing and belonging, and has the opportunity to build a thriving future.

Current Volunteering Opportunities

Support, Skill and Connect

Support Skill & Connect (SSC) is a wellbeing, employment, and life skills program designed to support adults from refugee backgrounds as they settle into life in Australia.

We are currently seeking volunteers to support clients every Thursday during Term 3 (from 20 July to 14 September, 2023) at Southbank TAFE as they complete their preliminary AMEP (Adult Migrant English program) classes.

It would be really helpful if volunteers could attend from 10:30am to 2:45pm, (with a 45 minutes lunch break from 12-12:45pm) . Volunteers are also welcome to attend for the full day starting from 9am if possible.


Ucan2 is a nine-week program delivered at TAFE to young people who are in Australian Migrant English Program (AMEP) students.

Ucan2 focuses on employment and developing education skills with a focus on emotional well-being and increasing meaningful connections.

Homework Club

QPASTT’s Homework Club supports high school and tertiary students aged between 12 and 24 years old.

A dedicated team of volunteer tutors supports students to understand, research and complete their homework and study assignments.

While students complete their work independently, the role of tutors is to support students in understanding how to research a homework assignment, how to understand the questions they are being asked, and how to best present their work.

Volunteers tutor in any subjects they feel comfortable with.

Homework Club is located at QPASTT’s Woolloongabba office and is open on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 3.00 and 5.00 pm. Tutors volunteer during the school term for one or more afternoons each week.

Creating connections at QPASTT’s Community Garden

QPASTT’s Community Garden at Woolloongabba provides a therapeutic space for refugees living in Brisbane to garden, relax and make friends.

Volunteer Gardeners can share their gardening knowledge and skills, work in the garden alongside clients and community members and help QPASTT to source resources and equipment for our community garden.

Email the Volunteer Coordinator for more information and to register for any of QPASTT’s Volunteering opportunities.

Email Volunteer Coordinator

I’ve really enjoyed seeing the students grow, it makes my heart sing.

QPASTT volunteers helping to build communities of belonging

Volunteers support QPASTT’s work across a range of programs including our Support, Skill and Connect and UCan2 group programs and our Befriending Program.

Four of our current volunteers share why they volunteer with QPASTT and what it means to them.

QPASTT volunteers Barbara Clarke and Paul Mifsud.

Paul’s Story

I feel incredibly lucky finding QPASTT and being accepted as a volunteer.

I can see just how much good QPASTT does and it is very satisfying for me to play a part in that. One day a week, I get to sit in a group of 20 people from so many different cultures and with such varied life experiences. The facilitators appreciate us being here, we appreciate what the facilitators do for us, the students really appreciate us. There are so many cross paths of appreciation, respect and admiration. It’s very difficult to leave without a wonderful feeling of what a great day that has been. It is very rewarding.

I’m learning so much – there’s a wealth of knowledge in every room that we sit in each week, and the bonds I have formed with my fellow volunteers are really incredible; we have so much respect for each other.”

Barbara’s Story

After retiring, I wanted to give back to the community so I connected with QPASTT as a volunteer about two years ago. I support students who are developing their English language skills at TAFE and I’ve also been able to help students with refining their resumes and job seeking skills.

Settling into a new country with a new language and different culture is very difficult for anyone; for people who have had traumatic experiences in their past, this journey can be even more challenging. I hope that I can help make this experience a little easier for the students with whom I come into contact.

Volunteering with QPASTT has given me an even deeper understanding of the journeys undertaken by refugees and migrants, both prior to arriving in Australia and thereafter.

Witnessing the resilience and determination of the students I have got to know is so humbling. I also enjoy working with the QPASTT staff and the other volunteers who are so passionate about supporting these young people and their families.

Many students have expressed a very keen desire to get casual work. Being able to assist in their job-hunting endeavours and observing their skill development in this area is delightful. Practice interviews have been fun! Hearing the students’ experiences after their first work shifts has been a treat!”

QPASTT volunteers Liz Terry and Tim Hayden.

Tim’s Story

Coming back to Australia after doing humanitarian work overseas for the last decade, I really wanted to be able to do volunteer work that was focused on building and strengthening resilience. And that’s exactly what I get to do as a volunteer in QPASTT’s UCan2 and Support, Skill and Connect programs.

One of the best things about volunteering at QPASTT is seeing the group of people I’m supporting grow across the nine-week semester. I get to see the participants grow so much in confidence and resilience over such a short period of time. It is incredibly uplifting being a part of that.”

Liz’s Story

I’ve been volunteering with QPASTT for nearly four years. The area of trauma was particularly interesting to me because of my background of working with refugees from camps, supporting nation programs and teaching in developing countries. Most recently I’ve been volunteering in QPASTT’s Befriending Program which pairs me with someone new to Australia who just needs to feel that there’s somebody reliable here for them to share things with and look to for friendship and support.

I think when you first arrive in a new country there can be a sort of honeymoon period, but then you can feel very, very alone until you find a community and build a sense of belonging. To have somebody with you, as a steadfast friend through that journey, seems to be a valuable experience for a lot of individuals.

I get wonderful professional support from QPASTT as a volunteer. I learn a lot from the group facilitators and observing how they resolve tricky situations and navigate group dynamics. Through the Befriending Program I have regular catch ups with QPASTT staff and the client to ensure everything is working well and we work through any issues that may come up.

Volunteering with QPASTT allows me to feel quite fulfilled. It has allowed me to follow my interests and my concerns and to develop as an individual and to be supported in that. And I love experiencing that smile of connection with someone, where something you say or do really resonates and makes sense to somebody you’re supporting. That feels good.”

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