Support for Schools

We often work in partnership with schools to identify training and support needs through a program called the ‘Whole of School Approach’. Through this program, we can offer support around: school policies and procedures; school organisation and ethos; curriculum and program development; partnerships with parents and community as well as partnership with other agencies.

In this capacity building work we aim to:

  • Promote a supportive school environment for refugee students and their families
  • Nurture the mental health and wellbeing of refugee students
  • Enhance students’ educational outcomes
  • Promote social connectedness between refugee families and the school community

The Whole of School Approach is a method of working developed by The Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture and Trauma (VFST), based on the publication ‘School’s In for Refugees: Whole-School Guide to Refugee Readiness’ (2nd Edition, 2011)

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