Youth Voice

Youth Voice Brisbane is a group of young people, aged 15-25, who are committed to promoting human rights and social justice through advocacy and provision of representation for young people; fostering respect, fairness and a sense of belonging for all.

The Youth Voice Committee meets regularly at the QPASTT office and other suitable venues to plan exciting youth projects & events including: “Walk in Our Shoes” Mental Health Week Youth Dinner, International Day of Peace, Youth leaders’ Forums, Refugee Week and Harmony Day activities. All Youth Voice events are aimed at fostering participation and celebrating multiculturalism and the achievements and contributions of young people.


Role of the Youth Voice committee

The role of the committee includes:

  • To identify and advise the QPASTT Youth Voice Project coordinator on emerging and ongoing challenges facing young people, e.g. unemployment, discrimination, bullying, social isolation, family violence etc.
  • Supported by the QPASTT Youth Voice Project coordinator, plan and implement projects and events to raise awareness and facilitate the process of addressing identified issues.
  • To collaborate with relevant youth groups, advisory councils or committees and services to undertake large scale projects with greater systemic and community level impacts for the benefit of young people and the wider community
  • To attend and provide representation and advocacy for young people about issues identified at local, regional and national forums.
  • To engage with youth groups, provide leadership and inspire young people to take advantage of available opportunities and maximise their capacities for a better future.
  • Develop strategies to address issues identified as affecting young people in terms of pursuing education, employment, training and sporting opportunities.

Youth Voice is inspiring young people to create change. Youth Voice meets every second week! If you want to join, email  or call (07) 3391-6677

Find us Youth Voice on Facebook: www.facebook/YouthVoiceBrisbane  

The Whole of School Approach is a method of working developed by The Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture and Trauma (VFST), based on the publication ‘School’s In for Refugees: Whole-School Guide to Refugee Readiness’ (2nd Edition, 2011)

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