Children’s Counselling Program

The Children’s Counsellors work systemically with children aged 4-12 years. The work includes providing psycho-education and support to families and individuals involved with the child. The counsellors work collaboratively with the schools, parents, guardians and carers, to create a safe, nurturing environment for the children where trauma recovery can occur. Counselling is usually play based and a range of modalities are used to engage the child, including art therapy, play therapy and linking into groups and other community activities. We offer a range of therapeutic group programs for children receiving counselling.

Make a Referral

Other programs available for children include:

Youth Counselling Program

Youth Counsellors work with young people aged 12-24 years old. Like the Children’s Counsellors, the Youth Counsellors work systemically with families, the community and schools to support recovery and successful settlement. Youth Counsellors are able to see young people at schools, at home or at the QPASTT offices (Woolloongabba and Logan).

The young person must know of and consent to the referral. If the young person is under 18, the referrer will need to obtain parental consent, except in special circumstances. The presenting issue must be related to the young person’s own refugee experience or that of their family.