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Nurture meaningful futures by supporting survivors of torture and trauma to heal, belong and thrive in our community.

For over 25 years, QPASTT has been supporting people from refugee backgrounds to live lives liberated from the harms of torture, trauma and human rights injustice.

We are a Queensland-wide service, founded on the values of listening and responding to community needs and upholding human rights for people from refugee backgrounds.

Our guiding values are Kindness, Optimism, Perseverance, Fairness and Honesty.

Just as we build community with our clients, we foster community with our staff, with a commitment to listening to staff voices and nurturing a healthy culture.

Cultural Backgrounds
Spoken Languages
Office Locations

QPASTT offers a wide range of holistic services to our individuals, families and communities. We employ:


Clinical Supervisors

Community Development Practitioners

Group Facilitators

Youth Workers

Bicultural Workers

Corporate Services Professionals

Our Commitment to Staff Wellbeing

We are committed to supporting our staff to thrive and grow.

QPASTT has a range of initiatives to support the wellbeing and development of our dedicated and skilled staff group.

Offline Weeks

QPASTT sets aside 3-weeks per year as ‘Offline Weeks’ for our entire staff group. In Offline Weeks, there are no client appointments and no external meetings. Staff have the opportunity to replenish and refresh themselves and reconnect with their colleagues and their practice through team building and professional development events.

“Offline weeks are restorative. They put us back in touch with the reasons why we do this work.”

Access to Training and Professional Development

All QPASTT staff can access our annual calendar of training and practice development workshops focused on the refugee experience and the impact of trauma. We also have regular opportunities for other training available for staff including from our sister agencies across Australia in the FASSTT network.

Relevant staff, including counsellors and community development practitioners are supported to develop their practice across a range of specialist therapeutic modalities.

In-house Clinical Supervision for Counselling Staff

QPASTT has a team of Clinical Supervisors who support our counselling staff in their practice.

“QPASTT’s investment in a professional, internal Clinical Supervision practice enables us to debrief and support our frontline staff quickly and better develop consistency of practice standards across our organization.”

Employee Benefits

QPASTT employees can access salary sacrificing options and portable long service leave.

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