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Group Engagement

From our experience, together, people can heal from trauma.

An impact of trauma is that people can feel suspicious and lose trust in others. An important step in recovery from trauma is feeling safe with others again. This is why connection and a feeling of belonging are critical for healing.

When survivors come together in safe groups, healing occurs.  People are able to make friends with others who understand them and the loneliness and stigma of trauma is reduced.

From our experience, together, people can heal from trauma.

At QPASTT, we run a number of groups that are focused on building connections, nurturing wellbeing and developing knowledge and skills for recovery. 


Wellbeing and social groups that promote wellness and create belonging

Groups that enable families to adjust and thrive, and address and prevent intergenerational trauma

Skill development groups that that enhance economic and social inclusion

Psychoeducation and mental health literacy groups that improve understanding of trauma, recovery and mental wellness.
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When other people listen and show that they care, we don’t feel lonely. This is how we heal.

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